Where to Find The Best Coders?

What is the programmer’s stereotype?

Hacker Stereotype

“Person hacking away in a corner by himself and spending half a day on Quora” – Quora Answer

“The media seems to perpetuate negative stereotypes, now that I think about it. Dilbert, Big Bang Theory, etc” – Reddit AskMen

What ever stereotype you have for hackers, for good or bad, they spend lots of time hacking and gaming, don’t you agree? Rise your hand if you are like this! 😉

Said that, if you are a hacker, HackerRank would be a place where you’ll spent much of your time because, IT companies can find the best coders here and it includes gamification elements that you love.

“HackerRank is being built to create a community of problem solvers in different domains of Computer Science” – Vivek Ravisankar – Founder/CEO

HakerRank Find The Best Coders

Hackers ranking and badges
Ranking and badges (my first challenge)

HakerRank is a perfect place for IT companies to find the best coders when recruiting, why is this? Social networks such as LinkeIn are good to find candidates, but there is not a way to validate their programming skills.

For hackers, programmers or software engineers whatever you want to call them, HackerRank is kind of an addictive game, and it seem it was thought in that way, you’re ranked globally depending on the challenges you solve, you can find from very simple exercises that seems basic programming tutorials instead of challenges (of course for someone new in programming it is a challenge), and also you can find hard challenges for savvy and experienced programmers.

Gamification Elements

HackerRank applies gamification techniques leveraging desires for socializing, learning, mastery, competition, achievement, status, self-expression, altruism, or closure, use rewards for players who accomplish desired tasks or competition to engage hackers.

HackerRank Gamification Elements

Most of the hackers are gamers, for sure, or at least they were sometime, probably now their work doesn’t allow them to dedicate as much time as the would like to play “Metal Gear”, “Grand Theft Auto”, “Halo” or whatever their preferred game is; being in top rank by country, language or “domain” could be an option for satisfying their endorphin doses solving problems, additionally, if you are a hacker, you’ll improve your skills! :-)

You can code directly on HackerRank’s interface supporting 20 major languages! You can try out sample code given in Solve Me First to get familiar with I/O, if you don’t want to register, can try Sample Test.

Are you a real hacker? Try a couple of challenges and let me know your thoughts about it.